The GOP Party Of Treason And Things To Know About It

Politics nowadays has seemingly been turned on its head and there are folks who have changed allegiances in recent months. The current administration has provided much of the controversy and the waves that have destabilized American society and provided so much ammunition for American enemies. The President is at the center of the storm.

It hit even before he took office, and when he sat down, things really got intense so to speak. Today there are movements like GOP party of treason which serves up all the boo boos, self serving lies, mispronouncements and other damaging stuff done by this administration to the public. It is particularly bent on providing evidence of the Republican conspiracy to destroy the Obama legacy.

A sort of reverse prejudice is operating behind the moves of this administration. They do not act or say outright how the probably hated the fact of a black US President, but when analyzed all their moves could lead to this conclusion. Treason is something that is a really serious crime for the citizens of this country.

And many see Trump as behaving so treasonably towards the interest of the majority of Americans. Many Republicans today have move offered to the other side to help stem the tide of unholy controversy that surrounds the present President like a natural aura. While this could lead to worse times for them, they may be simply doing some damage control.

There are really some hair raising stuff that is going on at this time, and it could include the fiery form of geopolitics that the President and his people are practicing. He is making new enemies and he has insulted some stalwart allies, and there is no head or tail to his diplomatic policy. This could be explained away but the feeling that they are on another agenda is not too farfetched.

The agenda is something that people want to identify, and perhaps the movement accusing the current presidency of treason may want this result. Treason, if remembered correctly, is punished traditionally by hanging or a firing squad. The folks behind this movement may not be able to do or mean it literally, but this might be something they wish on the President.

No one in recent memory has ever stirred quite the nest of hornets that this President seems to have stirred. With the exception of Richard Milhous Nixon, he is the only one who has engendered such rage from his enemies. Nixon was the victim of ambient counterculture protests but he was mostly the victim of his paranoia and manipulations.

Trump seems like a lesser evil compared to Nixon, but he probably has more potential for destroying this country. Bill Clinton, despite the Interngate scandal, survived two spiels at the White House with some success. He was not too vilified and in fact many are wondering what really happened behind the scenes.

If you are wondering how things are happening for this current presidency, you could read the posts of Party of Treason. It has some relevant items that you should see to realize how Team Trump has really disrespected tradition and is breaking out of a safety zone for politics in this country. This kind of awareness should be something people have to prevent anything worse happening to this country.