Proper Hydration Tips For The Science Based Six Pack Intermittent Fasting Plan

Water is especially important for human health. Our bodies consist of mostly water, and nearly every vital function depends on adequate hydration. It is not surprising that the Science Based Six Pack intermittent fasting plan for weight loss asks us to increase our intake of water.

Intermittent fasting unleashes the internal fat burning capacity as the body turns to its fat stores for energy. Available water is an important part of that internal process. Water helps us convert fat to energy. The other important impact of water during fasting is the need for hydration. We do not go without water for 12-18 hours as we reduce food intake according to the Science Based Six Pack plan. In fact, drinking plenty of water is an essential part of effective fasting.

Water is an important part of the bodily systems for ridding wastes. Muscles build up lactic acids after burning energy, and your body naturally passes wastes in the urine. Too little water can interfere with detoxification and normal removal of wastes from the bloodstream. Adding extra water is a very good way to boost the dietary results and benefits of fasting.

Coffee and tea are natural diuretics, and Thomas DeLauer teaches they can cause increased water loss while on the Science Based Six Pack diet. Exercise and activity are typical good results of fasting and the high energy levels it produces. The energy burn produces wastes that the body will remove if it has enough water.

Dehydration can bring on feelings of illness, tiredness, headaches, and confusion. Dehydration during intermittent fasting can deprive you of the great mood lifting feelings that come from increased energy, better focus, and high energy periods.

You can increase your water intake during the eating periods of Science Based Six Pack as well as during the non-eating period. Small sips are a good way to keep the strict fasting routine. You don't need to meet a particular mark for water intake as much as simply to raise the level. If you experience mild dehydration, then that is a sign to add more water.

You can learn more about proper hydration techniques while following the Science Based Six Pack on DeLauer's official website will clear up any confusion you may have about how much water you should drink while intermittent fast.