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The firm has 2 main practice areas; the legal practice division and legal consultancy division.

Legal Practice Division

The Legal practice division undertakes mainstream legal work in 4 broad areas:

(i) commercial law (transactions and advisory);

(ii) commercial litigation (including arbitration and ADR);

(iii) general legal practice including labour/employment law, family law, immigration and other non-commercial law practice areas; and

(iv) criminal law (corporate and individual/selected clients on retainer fee arrangements).

The commercial law practice is headed by Patrick G. Barugahare. Key areas of Commercial law practice (transactions, advisory, litigation/ADR) covered by the firm are:


The firm has proven experience and expertise in banking law and regulation. Major banking work undertaken by the firm includes legal advisory, licensing/regulation of banks and other financial institutions, preparation and review of loan agreements, mortgages, debentures/floating charges, guarantees and related loan collateral documentation, foreclosure, hire purchase and leasing, collateral management, receivership and liquidation.


The firm handles all aspects of insurance law including review of insurance policies, insurance company regulation, claims processing and insurance litigation. The firm currently handles litigation on behalf of a number of insurance companies as well as corporate and individual clients seeking to enforce payments under insurance policies.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights protection through trade mark, design and patent registration and copyright is a key area of our commercial law practice. Work undertaken by the firm in this area includes objections and appeals against trade mark applications as well as litigation.

Company Law

All company law related work is handled by the firm. This includes company incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, company secretarial service, foreign company registration, receivership and liquidation, capital markets requirements including Uganda Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) listing, licensing and general regulatory advisory work.


Our tax practice is headed by Absalom Mubangizi who holds a Master of Laws degree (LL.M) specialising in tax law. Our tax practice covers tax planning, tax disputes, litigation and settlement. We handle tax litigation before the Tax Appeals Tribunal and the High Court. Our approach is to prosecute tax disputes timely and ensure that our clients pay only tax that is legally due.

Land Transactions

All aspects of land transactions including title searches, conveyancing, caveats, survey and sub-division of land, mortgage preparation and registration, powers of attorney, rental and tenancy agreements, evictions of tenants etc are handled by the firm.

Trusts and Pensions Law

The firm’s trusts and pensions law practice is led by Patrick G. Barugahare who practised as a specialist trusts and pensions lawyer in Australia for over 10 years. Work undertaken in this area includes legal advisory for trustees, fund managers, fund administrators, fund custodians, brokers and other service providers including preparation and settlement of trust deeds and other legal documents for retirement benefit schemes, family trusts and estate planning.

Commercial Litigation and ADR

The commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) section handles all aspects of mainstream commercial litigation and ADR work including arbitration work. The section is headed by John B. Kabandize and Patrick Alunga Alvarez both of whom have many years of commercial litigation and ADR experience. Diverse litigation and ADR work is undertaken by the firm in Magistrates courts, the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. The majority of the work undertaken in this area relates to major contract disputes arising from road construction and other major projects, banking, insurance and other commercial law practice areas.

Other Practice Areas

The firm also undertakes general legal practice work including labour/employment law, family law, immigration, wills and estate planning and other non-commercial practice areas.

Criminal Law

The firm undertakes criminal law for select corporate and individual clients under agreed retainer fee arrangements. Clients can retain us to handle criminal law work such as traffic accident defences, bail applications and other criminal defence related work.

Legal Consultancy

The firm has undertaken many legal consultancy assignments on behalf of both government and non-government agencies including donor/ development partner agencies and embassies. Legal consulting work undertaken by the firm mainly relates to legal and regulatory reform studies in the water and sanitation sector, energy and infrastructure, agriculture and other sectors. A detailed listing of legal consulting work undertaken by Barugahare & Co. Advocates can be provided upon request.

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