Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner

The time has finally come! After using the same tired old machine for the last fifteen years, we're ready to spend some money on the absolute best vacuum cleaner we can find. It may not be our most romantic purchase, but when you've got a couple of active kids and an eighty-five pound dog, it's certainly one of the most important! There's been a monstrous amount of progress when it comes to cleaning technology since we were last in the market, so I turned to the Internet for some much-needed guidance.

My first question was, is a canister or an upright the best vacuum cleaner for us? Apparently, it depends a lot on the type of flooring that's used in your home. An upright can be a bit lighter and less bulky to lug around the house, especially if you've got stairs, plus they're terrific on carpet. However, since our house is completely hardwood and ceramic tile (albeit with a few area rugs here and there), all the reviews we read said that a canister would be the best vacuum cleaner to have.

Canister vacs are tops when it comes to hard surfaces, and most models we researched had plenty of tools on board for cleaning things like stairs, furniture, and draperies. But again, there are a wide variety of models available out there, and you can spend an absolute fortune if you're not careful! We read lots of unbiased reviews and caught up on the latest trends both in magazines and on the net, and it didn't take long to gather lots of information to choose the very best vacuum cleaner for the money and for our particular needs. 

I'm glad I did some reading, because obviously the dog is our biggest challenge when it comes to cleaning. It's amazing how much time and attention is devoted to the subject of pet hair in many consumer journals. I wanted to be sure that our new machine would be able to handle the massive amount of fur our pooch sheds on a daily basis. I knew the model I ended up buying was the best vacuum cleaner for us when I saw that it had a motorized, on-board attachment, sort of a "mini" beater brush, specifically designed for pet hair. 

I loved shopping on the Internet, because after we picked a model, I found some deeply discounted prices (I actuall got it from Booths of Inverurie), as well as a one-year guarantee. I donated my old machine and now own the best vacuum cleaner I've ever used. My hardwood floors and rugs have never looked better, so I'm definitely a satisfied customer!