Benefits of Advanced Bodyguard Training

Are There Any Benefits of Pursuing Advanced Bodyguard Training?

Bodyguards need to perform varied roles and take up different responsibilities ranging from protection of celebrities to visiting dignitaries and securing travel routes of diplomats as well as royalties. By taking advanced security training bodyguards are able to develop a good understanding of how to deal with different situations and make use of critical thinking to foil likely dangers. 
In the following sections let us go through details of other benefits of pursuing bodyguard training.

Why pursue advanced bodyguard training?

• Enhance Knowledge 
• Improve Expertise 
• Become Proactive 
• Perform Estate Security

Enhance Knowledge and Skills 

advanced security trainingBy undergoing advanced bodyguard training you get practical and theoretical knowledge. Such knowledge can assist you in improving your skills such as:
• Operational planning
• Search procedures and threat assessment
• Vehicle techniques such as tactical, convoy and evasive driving
• Proper teamwork when working as part of a close protection team
• Training about use of defibrillator and application of first aid
• Firearms training including tactics on proper use of firearms as well as details of tactical and defensive shooting.
• Knowledge of different combat methods such as unarmed and close combat as well as grasp understanding of anti-ambush techniques.

Improve Technical Expertise

Advanced security training will help you improve your knowledge about varied things such as:
• Assessment of threats and how to perform crowd screening in right manner.
• Create a plan of action for various activities to be performed during special events.
• Carry out monitoring of varied security systems.
• Undertake co-coordination with people your client will be meeting.
• Perform background checks on the specific people who are expected to come in contact with the client.
• Take steps of manage stress.
• Ensure security of a particular location by thoroughly examining the location for explosives, bugs as well as surveillance devices.

Become Proactive and Predictive

After undergoing advanced security training you will become more proactive as well as predictive. These skills will help you clearly differentiate between actual threats and hoaxes.
In addition to it, you will also be able to track down sources of threats to provide improved protection to your client.
Moreover, the training will equip you with the knowledge to properly read maps as well as blueprints. This way you will be able to easily understand layout for the areas and the building your client is expected to visit. Additionally, you will be able to properly recognize security gaps, plan out alternative travel routes and anticipate likely delays during travel.

Properly Perform Estate Security

You will also get to know about estate security during your advanced security training and be better prepared to protect and secure your client's property. Things you will learn about would include:
• How to properly liaison with various law enforcement agencies
• How to detect intrusions
• Carry out property's inventory check
• Carry out patrolling and keep visitor logs


To summarize it can be said that you should certainly pursue advanced security training and create an edge for yourself in the security industry.