About Us

Barugahare & Co. Advocates is a legal practice of advocates and legal consultants in Uganda. It was established in 2000 and has an enviable reputation for professionalism, integrity and expertise in a diverse range of legal services.

The firm is currently a partnership combining the legal and consulting practices of its partners, Patrick G. Barugahare and John B. Kabandize. Patrick G. Barugahare worked in private practice at partner level in Australia for over 10 years, where he gained well regarded specialist experience in commercial law practice. He relocated to live and to work in Uganda in 1998 and continued legal practice with a number of law firms. He founded the firm in 2000. John Kabandize joined the firm in 2000 and after acquiring general commercial law and litigation practice experience became partner in 2006.

Barugahare & Co. Advocates has 2 main divisions. The Legal Practice Division undertakes mainstream legal work in both commercial law transactions and litigation and general legal practice. The Consultancy Services Division specialises in legal consultancy work for government, development partners and other agencies.

The Commercial law practice is led by Patrick G. Barugahare and undertakes work involving a diverse range of commercial law transactions work as well as commercial litigation. Commercial transactions work areas include banking, insurance, company law (including receivership and liquidation), intellectual property (trademarks, designs, patents and copyright), taxation, pensions’ law (including retirement benefit schemes advisory work) trusts and estate planning.

The Commercial Litigation and ADR practice is led by John B. Kabandize and Patrick Alunga Alvarez. It handles commercial litigation and ADR practice work including arbitration.

In addition, the Legal Practice Division undertakes general legal practice work including labour/employment law and other non-commercial law practice areas.

For corporate and individual clients with retainer fee arrangements with us, we also handle criminal law work in accordance with the agreed terms under the relevant retainer arrangements.

The Consultancy Services Division undertakes legal consultancy work for government, development partners and other agencies including NGOs. Legal consultancy work in diverse areas including water and sanitation, environment, energy and mineral development, agriculture, public policy including legal, policy and institutional reform studies is undertaken by the division. Depending on the complexity and nature of the legal consultancy project work, this work can be undertaken by the firm’s staff alone or through consortia with other consultancy firms or individual consultants.

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